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More & More is a German fashion brand founded in Munich and has been successfully positioned within the fashion industry for the past 40 years. In 2022, More & More and Smartzer teamed up to create a live shopping event to help drive traffic to their website for users to ask questions, in real-time, react to the hosts on the screen and shop directly from the show.

The live stream had a very dynamic feel with a host who knew exactly what they were talking about. The hosts energy was able to invite the audience in and talk, in depth, about each product which was being shown by two models. During the live show, the host was able to call out comments, which were being asked in a comment feature on the player and education the watching audience on how to shop.

Everything within the live shopping event was available to shop via two interactive functionalities such as featured products, which appeared on the top left of the screen and the carousel at the bottom. These interactive features offered an innovative approach to a normal live stream with 40% of the audience engaging with the show.

Creating Engaging Content...

Live Shopping is a proven way to help bring new audiences to your e-commerce website. With live streaming being a great method for an intimate, authentic piece of content, More & More were hopeful that the live shopping event would promote high interactivity throughout the two hour show.


Smartzer's live shopping technology was able to integrate within the More & More e-commerce store so users were able to shop products directly from their catalogue. This enabled an easy integration onto the More & More platform. During the two hour show, moderators were able to respond to comments as well as feature products that were being shown at that moment.


Thanks to Smartzer's interactive features and a host that was able to educate the audience on how to shop, More & More saw an engagement rate of 40%. Having a high engagement rate means that potential customers are actively looking through the products which is perfect for discovery.

Live Shopping Experience with Madison Avenue

Case Studies


In 2022, Madison Avenue Couture partnered with Smartzer to create a live shopping series hosted on their e-commerce store. Customers can navigate through their extensive weekly series via their website to watch back any old shows they might have missed as well as setting a reminder for their latest show which often airs on a Friday 1pm ET. Madison Avenue Couture have seen a wealthy growth in their audience since their first show with a 31X increase thanks to regular programming.

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