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Neom Organics is a UK-based wellness and beauty brand that focuses on natural and organic ingredients. The company specialises in creating products that promote better sleep, relaxation, and overall well-being.

One of their latest products was a sleep therapy range that they wanted to promote to their customers in a unique way. They knew that selling scented aroma therapy-based products online could be difficult, so they looked towards more engaging forms of content in order to demonstrate and display their products clearly.

Smartzer's live shopping platform enabled the Neom Organics expert to go live via their mobile phone and take questions directly from the audience. They were also able to showcase the products live on air, explaining their benefits whilst educating the watching audience that they could purchase directly from the live stream.


Neom Organics wanted to make sure their customers knew how to use their new sleep therapy range of products and their functionality demonstrating how the products worked. They wanted to find a way to give customers an honest view of the product's effectiveness in real time while having instant purchase access.


The brand embedded its live stream on the home page, making it incredibly easy to find and shop. Neom Organics also implemented Smartzer’s picture-in-picture functionality, so that any viewer could navigate the brand’s site without leaving the stream. During the live stream, customers could see how the products worked and ask questions in real-time to the host through the comments box. The shoppable feature enabled customers to purchase products they liked directly via product popups with direct CTA buttons to add to cart.


The live stream was a massive success for Neom Organics. They were able to engage their customers in a new and innovative way, boosting their engagement rates by 81%.By demonstrating the products in real-time, customers gained confidence in the products' effectiveness and were more likely to make a purchase. Smartzer's shoppable technology made it easy for customers to make purchases without leaving the live stream, resulting in a 27% Click-through Rate.

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SCULpted by aimee

Sculpted by Aimee partnered with Smartzer to start a live shopping experience that would help bring the brand closer to their customers.The live shows, hosted on the brands Shopify store, show experts demonstrating products which audience members can add straight to their basket and check out.

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