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Live Shopping Experience

Sculpted by Aimee Cosmetics is an Irish makeup branded which was founded in 2016 by makeup artist Aimee Connolly.

After years of experience working within the industry, Aimee felt passionate about creating products she felt were missing from the market.

With a large social media precense, Sculpted by Aimee has continued to grow and flurish within the industry and in 2022, Sculpted by Aimee partnered with Smartzer to start a live shopping experience that would help bring the brand closer to their customers.

The live shows, hosted on the brands Shopify store, show experts getting ready, utilising products which audience members can add straight to their basket and check out.

Get Ready With Me...

Sculpted by Aimee wanted to go live via their shopify store so their audience could interact, comment and react, in real-time, as experts from the company demonstrated their products live on air. The experts would then reply to questions submitted to the live audience as products were featured to be clicked and purchased within the stream.


Smartzer's Live Shopping technology enables Sculpted by Aimee to connect via their mobile phone and go live anywhere in the world. This enabled experts to connect to the platform and create "get ready with me" style content where products were demonstrated throughout. The experts could respond to questions, in real-time, whilst the audience explored the products through Smartzer's live interactive features.


The more Sculpted by Aimee go live, the more their live audience grows and with a very high engagement rate of 41%, it's clear that the brand has found a perfect way to connect to their audience. With our integration with Shopify, it's easy for Scultpted by Aimee to select the products they want to feature in upcoming shows whilst the audience can take advantage of our add-to-cart features.

Live shopping interactive example with Bloomingdales

Case Studies


Bloomingdale's take live shopping to a whole new level by hosting regular live shopping masterclass experiences with popular brands that can be found on the retail's website. For those that are already signed up as a BB member and receive newsletters, they are prompted to join the masterclasses and discover new tips, tricks & products with the host (experts). During the live shopping events, customers are able to sign up to become a "BB member" or and enter into a competition all through the interactive elements that Smartzer provides.

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