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How Data can transform your interactive content.

Off-White used Smartzer's interactive video platform to transform pre-existing video into an innovative and refreshing piece of interactive shoppable content which was embedded onto the homepage. Thanks to state of the art video hotspot technology, viewers could click on areas of the video to bring up look details with direct links to shop the products on the product display page.

By using interactive shoppable video on their homepage, Off-White was able to grab the attention of their viewers as soon as they landed onto the site. This lead to quick & easy product discovery and, as a result, drove customers quickly down the purchase funnel to buy. The viewer could browse all of the featured looks via a scrollable side carousel while the replay screen provided a final product summary for the viewer to have a second chance to purchase.

More recently, Smartzer integrated with Google Tag Manager (GTM) to provide Off-White with valuable actionable data based on the habits of the viewers interactive movements. This mean that Off-White were able to track the behaviour habits of their customers resulting in more specific re-targeting.


The project was to custom design an elegant interactive video player with a goal to increase direct sales from interactive shoppable behaviour. The player required seamless integration within their catalogue so Off--White could produce regular interactive content.


Upon completion of the design and integration of the player, Off--White & Smartzer were able to upload content seamlessly through the Smartzer Editor. With our integrations with Google Tag Manager (GTM), the brand was able to track & see an increase on its ROI. With GTM, Off--White was able to track 100% of user behaviour and leverage product discovery through specific retargeting.


Off--White was able to see that 75% of the products tagged within the video were directly purchased from the interactive shoppable player provided by Smartzer. In addition to this, our integration with GTM enabled Off--White to be able to track users behaviour and add them within their retargeting strategy. With the ability to track sales & product value, Off--White saw an increase within their ROI.

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Case Studies


Bloomingdale's has partnered up with Skincare brand Kiehl's on one of their live shopping Masterclasses. Users interacted with expert Maya while she was going over the benefits of each product and tips and tricks on how to incorporate them into the skincare routine. Maya was constantly answering their questions while adding some personal touch to the masterclass.