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Super-Pharm is an Israeli multi-national pharmacy chain. In 2017, Super-Pharm launched their website and have seen the e-commerce side of the business flourish since. In November 2022, Super-Pharm were looking to improve the digital experience they offered their customers, and turned to Smartzer to achieve this.

Since then, Super-Pharm has produced a successful series of live shows, encouraging large quantities of new users to their site whilst providing a new way for customers to shop Super-Pharm's products. The live shows are produced to categorise their products and target a specific audience. For example, one show will be focused around beauty & tech whilst another show is focused on sexual education. This enables Super-Pharm to focus their live shows and promote their wide range of products to a new audience with up to 60% of viewers being new customers to their e-commerce store.

Live Shopping Consistency...

Super-Pharm wanted to launch live shopping on their site to provide a new way to interact with their growing online customer base. Traditionally, Super-Pharm has been an in-store focused brand, but as the e-commerce side of their business continued to grow, they wanted to enhance the experience on site, and engage with their newly found online customers in a digitally innovative way. Encouraging more customers to site was another key aim.


A regular series of live shopping events were hosted on Super-Pharm's site, with a range of product categories on display across the streams. From cosmetics by Kylie Cosmetics, to promoting their Black Friday electronics sale, Super-Pharm catered to a variety of consumers. Viewers were able to click on products to shop, as well as engage with the hosts through comments and reactions. Live giveaways were undertaken to encourage even greater levels of user interaction.


Live shopping allowed Super-Pharm to promote several product categories, in engaging shows that provided an exciting experience for customers. 60% of those who watched the shows were new customers to the Super-Pharm website, demonstrating the power of interactivity to drive new traffic to their site. Viewers wanted to engage with the brand in way they had not previously been able to do in store, and live shopping provided the perfect opportunity for this.

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Bloomingdale's partnered with Dior Beauty to give their customers a day-to-night makeup tutorial or, in other words, how to easily is can be to turn a day's makeup into a night one. The session was hosted as a fully interactive live shopping masterclass.

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