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Shoppable video campaign

Swarovski delivers a diverse portfolio of unmatched quality, craftsmanship and creativity. Founded in Austria in 1895 the company designs, manufactures and markets high-quality crystals for jewellery. Swarovski wanted an immersive e-commerce experience to match this which is why they have partnered with Smartzers and integrated our interactive shoppable video technology.

The video was used on the collection landing page to add an interactive edge to Swarovski's e-commerce. Thanks to Smartzer's hot-spot technology, viewers could interact with the models on the screen to bring up all pieces featured, choose a size and add them straight to their cart. The shoppable side carousel allowed for an easy and seamless way to discover products. Additionally, when the video ended, the replay screen product summary provided viewers with a second chance to buy.

The bespoke player was curated for the brand with every element reflecting the styling of the brands e-commerce site.


Swarovski wanted to create an immersive, interactive shoppable experience for their customers that allowed them to explore the video and click on their favourite products.

Adding an interactive element to the video, it was hoped that the audience would be able to explore the new products and add directly to their cart from the brands e-commerce site.


With our grouping technology, Swarovski's customers were able to explore multiple products at a time. At the model's on screen showcased the beautiful jewellery, the watching viewer would be able to click on the video utilising our hot-sport functionality. A pop-up then appeared with multiple products on show that that model was wearing. Viewers could then select their size and add-to-cart.


Swarovski have become experts in interactive campaign videos with this being no exception. With the Smartzer product carousel, viewers were able to navigate to the left of the video and view all of the looks with a simple click.

Our grouping technology made it easy for viewers to view multiple products and engage with the content with our add-to-cart feature.

Lil Milan video example

Case Studies


Lil Milan, an Italian Jewellery company, hosted a live shopping event on their Shopify store where the founder, Veronica, talked the viewers through the pieces from her latest collection while they were able to instantly add any of these products to the cart. The live shopping event was 45 minutes long featuring 10 different items from the range. During the livestream, viewers could explore and shop the collection through the product carousel at the bottom of the screen.

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