Flannels x Smartzer: Luxury retailer takes on shoppable technology for xmas

With Christmas just around the corner, brands are ramping up their video content marketing strategies to push revenue through the roof. Flannels is the next UK luxury retailer to finesse the trend.

Video example of Flannels shoppable player

The holiday shopping period is an incredibly competitive time for brands. The pressure is on to deliver the most eye catching and engaging marketing content in order to draw in customers. Flannels teamed up with Smartzer to deliver a bold, flashy and dynamic video for their "Christmas Day Drip" campaign.


Flannels used state of the art interactive video technology to create an entirely clickable campaign. Viewers could click to explore the models looks and be redirected to product display pages. The bright and explosive video content became even more immersive through video interactivity as viewers could browse all the featured products via a scrollable side bar. They were also given a second chance to shop via the replay screen with a product summary carousel.

Interactive example of pop-up


Smartzer's interactive video platform enabled Flannels to create a video with the following features:

  • Clickable overlay with product hotspots
  • Product popups with look information and buy now CTA click through to PDP
  • Single product popups with name, brand and pricing information
  • Seamless Ecommerce integration
  • Christmas campaign delivery
  • API integration with up to date product information

See the interactive and shoppable video live on Flannels' Ecomm landing page.


Video content marketing is evolving and adapting to an ever changing digital world. Customers have high expectations for shopping experiences and are constantly looking for fresh and exciting shoppable technologies. As a result, many big brands like Flannels are jumping on the interactive video trend to direct customers to their favourite products to buy. Using interactive video platforms for the holiday period can turn Christmas shopping into an immersive and super engaging experience!