Samsung x Smartzer: Shoppable live stream events

Samsung has partnered with Smartzer's interactive video platform to deliver a series of exclusive live stream shopping events.

Live shopping example

With the live stream shopping trend taking off in China, the craze is beginning to catch on across the globe. In fact, by 2023, the industry is set to be worth over $25 billion worldwide.

Samsung CA is taking advantage of this rapidly growing technology to use Smartzer's interactive video platform for several live shop shows. So far, the brand has successfully produced two live events to sell discounted tech products to thousands of viewers.


Smartzer's shoppable video software enabled Samsung to create a real-time, interactive event. Viewers could click featured product popups to discover product information like pricing, colour options and description and then add the item to their cart to check out.

A chat bar enabled viewers to interact with the brand by asking questions and making comments. This provided a sociable element to online shopping. Viewers could also browse all the featured products via a bottom carousel. After the stream, the end screen displayed all the featured products in a final carousel for the customers to shop one more time.

After the stream, Samsung could export their live recording and repurpose it as on-demand content for those who may have missed the original event.


Samsung's shoppable live stream events are drawing thousands of viewers from across Central America. Smartzer's interactive video platform helped the tech giant to create an event that resulted in the following:

  • Clickable featured product popups displaying as the items appear onscreen
  • Browsable bottom carousel featuring all of the products in the stream
  • Product popups with pricing info, product name, description, colour options and add to cart cta
  • Comment/chat bar for viewers to communicate with the brand
  • Nickname function so commenters can give themselves a name before commenting
  • Realtime reaction heart button, allowing users to show a love heart emoji
  • End screen carousel with all the featured products
  • Live stream recording export functionality to allow the brand to repurpose the stream as on demand content, complete with shoppable functionality, comments and likes.


With live shopping formats on the rise, Samsung is successfully pioneering the new technology with regular events featuring exclusive discounts. Social Ecommerce successfully bridges the gap between the offline and online shopping experience by creating a real-time "hybrid" format. As a result, customers can engage with brands closely from the comfort of their homes, providing a social shoppable solution during the global pandemic.