Swarovski x Smartzer: Valentine's Day with a shoppable video twist

The latest shoppable video in our collaboration with Swarovski celebrates all things love; and what better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than with a new piece of jewellery?

We are very proud to share Swarovski's latest shoppable video! The brands has taken a digital-first approach to its ecommerce site by integrating Smartzer's shoppable & interactive technology, bringing their content to life and connecting it with their commerce. This progressive approach is something that many brands from a plethora of different industries are taking, from implementing interactive videos, to hosting live shopping events on their site. There has been a shift away from social media that pulls the focus back onto brands' websites as a core destination for selling, whilst Instagram, Facebook etc serve their purpose when it comes to awareness & discovery.


Swarovski used our cutting edge interactive video technology to create an entirely clickable campaign. Viewers could click to explore the models looks, and were able to add the featured products directly to their cart in a specific size and/or colour. The fun & colourful Valentine's video content became even more immersive through video interactivity as viewers could browse all the featured products via a scrollable side carousel where they could 'shop the look'. They were also given a second chance to shop via the replay screen with a product summary carousel.

Swarovski interactive example


Smartzer's interactive video platform enabled Swarovski to create a video with the following features:

  • Clickable overlay with product hotspots
  • Product popups with look information and buy now CTA to directly Add To Cart
  • Single & multiple product popups with name, size/colour choices and pricing information
  • Seamless Ecommerce integration (SFCC)
  • Valentine's Day campaign delivery
  • API integration with up to date product information
  • Recap shoppable product carousel at the end of the video

Interactive example of Swarovski


Video content marketing is evolving, and brands need to keep up with the ever changing digital demands of the modern day consumer. Customers not only enjoy shoppable formats, but they now expect them, plain video just isn't cutting it anymore, they want the best experience possible! As a result, many big brands like Swarovski, Ralph Lauren and Bloomingdale's are jumping on the interactive video trend to direct customers to their favourite products to buy. Using interactive video platforms for the key moments such as Valentine's Day (or new collection launches, stylist sessions, make up tutorials, ad campaigns, repurposed social media content etc) can turn shopping into an immersive and super engaging experience!