The Best Live Shopping Examples We Have Seen This Year So Far

Introducing you to the greatest live shopping experiences hosted by brands in 2021.

With live stream shopping picking up speed in the world of video Ecommerce, there have been many thrilling examples that we have seen this year so far. There is no denying that the exclusivity of real-time shopping experiences excites the viewer and drives them to make an impulse purchase.

In this article we will break down some more of the most impressive shoppable live streams to grace the internet over the past few months...

Aldo: Canadian Footwear Takes Live Shopping

Canadian retailer, Aldo, teamed up with celebrity stylist Mimi Cuttrell and LA entertainer Nate Wyatt to deliver a social shopping spectacular. On the stream, the pair shared their favourite style tips on how to wear various shoes and accessories. After hosting a shoppable live stream in the Spring of 2021, Aldo noted a 308% engagement rate and registered 17,000 pageviews on its website in the first five days after the event.

Samsung: Tech Meets Tech in Shoppable Live Stream

Live Shopping with Samsung

Samsung Panama used Smartzer's interactive video platform to deliver a highly successful live shopping experience with exclusive, event-based discount deals. Sales representatives from Samsung demonstrated a variety of products to hundreds of viewers. Customers could communicate with the hosts via a chat bar by giving themselves a nickname. This created a bespoke and personalised shopping experience that replicated the benefits of in person shopping.

Sephora: Facebook Live Fridays

Brand representatives from Sephora have been using Facebook's new feature to sell via live events. Facebook live is being trialed in the US at the moment, but big brands like Sephora and Abercrombe are already taking advantage of the platform. The beauty brand was able to demonstrate a variety of cosmetics in a real-time tutorial, customers could buy straight from links next to the stream.

Clarks: Combining Social Media and Social Live Shopping

Live Shopping with Clarks

Clarks used Smartzer's tool to share their shoppable live stream across their Instagram. Customers could swipe on the Instagram story to be taken to the live stream event. An influencer hosted the stream to encourage viewers to purchase by clicking product popups alongside the stream and in a browsable carousel. The seamless shopping experience directed users to product pages to add the item to their cart.

With live shopping gaining momentum across the globe, the market is set to be worth $24 billion by 2023. Will you follow these examples to sell big in 2021 and beyond?