Top 5 Shoppable Video Examples of 2023

The shoppable video format, where customers can shop items directly from a brand’s video, has continued to flourish throughout the first half of 2023. Shopify’s 2023 Commerce Trends Report found that shoppable videos significantly “lower barriers to conversion, with some companies reporting conversion rates near 30%”. This exciting interactive format therefore offers brands a fantastic opportunity to elevate the digital experience on their site, whilst helping to produce fruitful sales figures.

Over the past few months, a diverse range of shoppable video examples have been used by brands. From launching shoppable videos through social media, to embedding them at the top of their homepage, there are several ways that shoppable video can be utilised.

We have selected five of our favourite shoppable video examples, and commented on how they led to success for the brand. 

1. Valentino - Shoppable Stylist Video

Valentino used Smartzer’s shoppable video technology to transform their Spring/Summer 2023 Unboxing video, through an interactive styling experience. In the video, two stylists discussed Valentino’s new collection, and the looks that made up this collection.

As they discussed, the looks were displayed in the video, with viewers being able to click on the items. This opened pop-ups providing more details about the looks, including the different items that contributed to the overall fit.

Clear call to action buttons helped to direct Valentino’s viewers from the video experience to the product page. This made it very easy for potential customers to find the items they liked best, as opposed to navigating through many pages on site to locate these.

We loved this shoppable experience as it was an exciting, engaging way to promote a new release, which helped to greatly reduce the purchase journey for items within Valentino’s new collection. 

2. Swarovski - Shoppable Video On Social Media

Swarovski has regularly used shoppable videos as part of their content strategy. In a recent campaign, they took their strategy to the next level, launching their shoppable video campaign through Instagram Stories.

A shoppable video experience was embedded on a dedicated landing page on Swarovski’s site, with traffic driven to this page from Instagram. Those who visited the site were able to view the video inside the Instagram browser, clicking on the products that could be seen in the video to open informational pop-ups. Here, viewers were able to add products to the cart directly from the video, helping to simplify the purchase journey. It was a case of seeing the product on Instagram, checking it out in a video, clicking on the product, and adding it to the cart.

Check out the full flow of this experience below! 

We loved this shoppable video example as it showcased a great way for potential customers who saw products they liked on Instagram to find them on-site and easily make a purchase. With Instagram cutting the shopping tab in 2023, this was a great way to engage users on social media.

3. Mackintosh - Shoppable Video On Homepage

Embedding a shoppable video on a brand’s homepage is a great way to increase the traffic the interactive experience receives, helping to get as many people to engage with a brand’s content. This is exactly what Mackintosh chose to do, launching their new Spring/Summer 2023 collection with a stunning shoppable video on their homepage.

Models showcased the new looks throughout the experience with both full-body and close up shots, while a carousel of all the looks within the video was contained on the left-hand side. Viewers could click on both the looks in the video and the carousel on the left. This opened pop-ups to find out more about the products on show and to click through and purchase them.

This shoppable video example was great as it gave Mackintosh’s customers a great opportunity to learn about their new collection as soon as they landed on their homepage, and made discovering the new products effortless. 

Shoppable Video Example On Brand Homepage

4. Brown Thomas - Shoppable Video Within a Category Page

Category pages can often feel like an endless grid of products, encouraging endless scrolling. Brown Thomas added shoppable video to their category pages, providing their customers with a more engaging experience when accessing these pages.

Short videos were embedded mid-way down collection pages, containing the items that could be seen on the page. This allowed Brown Thomas’s customers to see the products they were viewing in action in a video, helping them to better visualize how they look in real life. 

Shoppable Video Example On Category Page

The models in the video wore full looks, inspiring the viewer as to how items in the category could be worn together. Through clicking on the looks, customers were able to see the full array of apparel used to create the look, select their size, and add the full look to the bag. All direct from the video.

We loved this shoppable video example because it showed how shoppable content can be utilized throughout a brand’s eCommerce site. Brands do not need to create new pages for their shoppable content to have a great effect. It can simply be embedded within a category. 

5. Love Shack Fancy - Shoppable Runway Video

Runway content can be an integral part of a brand’s new collection release, so it is important that the video really captivates its audience. High-level production and exciting new looks can be one way to achieve this, but adding interactivity takes this to the next level. Loveshack Fancy did exactly that when converting their latest runway video into a stunning shoppable experience.

The video served a dual purpose - both showcasing the brand’s latest products and allowing customers to shop them. This was possible via direct add-to-cart straight from the video, with customers able to select their size, then add to cart via clear call-to-action buttons.

This shoppable video example is one of our favorites so far this year as it shows how interactivity can help to transform runway shows and ensure that customers can easily find a brand’s latest new products, all from an exciting video format.

Our top 5 shoppable video examples showcase the broad range of applications that this format has. How it can be applied to nearly all video formats a brand may have, and can be found in so many areas of a brand’s e-commerce site, or even on their social media.

If you would like to find out more about shoppable video, get started with Smartzer today.