Forced digital advancements have allowed the events industry to reach audiences amid the global pandemic. Now, "hybrid" events combine the best of in-person and virtual formats: They offer engaging face-to-face connections and immersive online experiences that can compel previously inaccessible audiences.

New research from LinkedIn, based on interviews with more than 1,800 marketers across 13 countries, shows how rapidly things have changed. Of these, 85% had held a virtual event in the last year and 28% said that between 91-100% of their events are now virtual.

Although 75% of the marketers surveyed want to continue to host virtual events over a year from now, 78% said they wanted in-person events to return once it’s safe to do so. Despite this, the move towards completely in person events is tentative. Event marketers are anticipating that in the near future events will be 40% virtual, 36% in-person and 24% hybrid events that combine the best of both worlds.

As opposed to a one-time, face-to-face interaction, a digital live stream event environment delivers content to both live and on-demand audiences. This allows organisers to deliver the concept of the "continuous event" to generate ongoing engagement with a core audience ev