Which Industries Can Capitalise Off of Interactive Shoppable Video

In the marketing and eComm world, there is an undeniable buzz of excitement towards streaming commerce formats, both on-demand and real-time.

78% of people watch online videos every week, and 55% view online videos every day. In fact, that 54% of consumers want to see more video content this year (Social Media Week)

63% of social media marketers believe that live video will become more important in the coming year (Sprout Social)

43% of businesses plan on using interactive video in the coming year (Social Media Week)

These game changing stats outline the lean towards video formats and the ever-growing appetite for more inclusive, immersive online shopping experiences.

Streaming commerce has presented brands with the perfect solution for bridging the online-offline divide. Clickable, shoppable formats use video hotspot technology to draw in a viewer and hold their attention. The viewer can engage and interact by tapping to view product information and direct links to buy or add the item to their cart. The beauty of shoppable video is that it includes the customer as an active participant in the content, giving them the opportunity to personalise their experience.

Live stream formats connect brands to customers in real-time, offering a social shopping event that drives impulse buys through the roof.

Shoppable on-demand content stands out against a sea of flat, standard online content and grips the viewers attention to push them quickly down the purchase funnel.

A variety of industries can capitalise off of these two game changing shoppable video technologies to boost revenue and prove a strong ROI on marketing material.

The Beauty Industry

Shoppable video offers beauty brands with the perfect solution to demonstrate their products as clearly as possible. Video gives the viewer a 360 degree view of a cosmetic product as they are able to note a variety of shades and tones as well as the look on a model.

Beauty brands could use shoppable video software to offer their customers a unique and memorable shopping experience. They not only entertain, but inform the viewer giving them the confidence to buy:

  • Shoppable live stream tutorials allow the viewer to tune into a product demonstration in real-time. They can ask questions, choose colours and buy directly from the stream.
  • Shop the look on-demand video allows a viewer to click to buy all the products featured in a models makeup look. This reduces the amount of time spent hunting for specific products, something that can be a challenge with makeup

NARS mastered on-demand shoppable video to create an interactive customer experience:

NARS Interactive Video

The Fashion Industry

Interactive video platforms have proved themselves to be a saviour for the fashion industry over the course of the pandemic and beyond. Video offers the perfect opportunity for fashion brands to show off products in detail. Customers can see the texture of fabrics, the flow and structure of styles as well as colour and size options. Shoppable video for the fashion industry has helped customers shop from the comfort of their homes through:

  • Live stream shopping styling videos that let customers buy discounted products/unreleased products straight from the stream
  • Shoppable collection videos that allow the viewer to purchase the seasons hottest products
  • Shoppable runway shows that enable viewers to have a front row seat to shop the latest pieces
  • Shoppable ads market products to targeted customers and offer a direct way to purchase.

Jacquemus allowed viewers to pre-order luxury products via an entirely shoppable runway show.

The Automotive Industry

Although it is unlikely that someone will buy a car directly from a video they see online, interactive video provides car shoppers with a direct, engaging way to discover.

  • Shoppable explorative videos tagged with information hotspots provide viewers with an interesting way to learn about the features of the car.
  • Live stream product demos show off the features of the vehicle in real-time, giving a clear and honest demonstration of the product
  • Explorative video ads using interactivity can drive more informed traffic to a car retailer's Ecommerce

MINI used a shoppable ad format on social media to allow customers to explore the new MINI Countryman.

MINI Interactive Video Example

The Electrical and Technology Industry

Electrical brands can use live stream shopping and interactive video formats to engage and educate customers about the latest models and technologies of the moment. By using state of the art shoppable video platforms, electrical brands can demonstrate their innovative products via a rapidly developing and revolutionary format.

  • Live stream events to sell products with special discounts in order to  show off functionality in realtime
  • Shoppable videos to tell the viewer more about a product via clickable hotspots that feature add to cart ability or links to product display pages

Samsung used Smartzer's live stream shopping technology to deliver a series of shoppable, real-time events.

The Holiday and Travel Industry:

Holiday and travel brands can use shoppable video content to take viewers on a journey. The customer clicks to find out information about a destination, such as landmarks, climate, restaurants, shops, bars, hotels, activities and more.

  • Explorative shoppable videos that allow viewers to click to reveal details about a holiday
  • Live streams from exclusive destinations show off your holiday destination in real time, perhaps with opportunities for viewers to purchase exclusive packages

Amazing Thailand used interactive video for a tourism advert. Viewers could click areas to discover attractions and activities.

The Food and Drink Industry

Even the food and drink industry could see serious conversion rates through shoppable, interactive technologies. The easy method of online shopping removes the chore from food shopping and introduces a fun and simplified way to buy groceries.

  • Shoppable tutorials on-demand and live stream can direct your viewers to their ideal food products or cooking utensils. Shoppable tutorials combine entertainment and learning with click to shop technology that speeds up and diversifies the weekly shop.

Arnotts cooking club used interactive video to create an entirely shoppable cooking tutorial featuring celebrity chef, Donal Skehan.