How Can Interactive Video Improve Your Relationship With Your Customers?

86% of Retail Users are anonymous! Every single day e-commerce websites are inundated with shoppers and the vast majority of them are anonymous. These users  browse your website and can shop without using an online account.

So how can we get to know those 86% of users? 

Interactive video is a form of digital video that can navigate your users to where you want them to be. It’s a tool that can elevate your customers' digital experience and be used as a method of interaction on your website. 

Jacquemus interactive shoppable example

Interactive Shoppable Video: 

Interactive shoppable video is an innovative and increasingly popular technology that combines the power of video content with the convenience of e-commerce. Essentially, interactive shoppable video enables viewers to interact with the video content, clicking on products and learning about their specifications before being given the opportunity to add-to-cart or be redirected to the product page directly within the video player. 

Swarovski Interactive Shoppable Example

Check out our recent case study with Swarovski and how they elevated their customers' experience using interactive shoppable video. 

Interactive Video: 

Interactive video has revolutionised the way people consume and engage with online content. Unlike traditional video, interactive video allows users to actively participate in the viewing experience, making it a powerful tool for education, marketing and entertainment. Simple to shoppable video, as we mention above but without the redirect to the product page or a direct add to cart functionality.

Interactive video is a wonderful way to enhance the learning experience and allows learners to actively participate in the process. It always increases your engagement as viewers are able to interact with elements of the video and therefore control their viewing experience. 

Take our case study with Valentino as a prime example. During their Haute Couture Fall / Winter collection, evoking on the historical beauty of the luxury fashion house on Rome’s Spanish Steps, the collection was made interactive but not purchasable. This example invited the viewers to explore the immersive content and learn more about the designers. 

With 86% of users acting anonymously when they land on your site, interactive experiences can provide vital behavioural data which can help brands using the analytics from the video to retarget their audience. This then creates a second wave of viewers landing on your website as a results of interactive and shoppable video.

Interactive live streaming: 

Live Shopping is an emerging trend that involves using video streaming to showcase products to customers in real-time. It Is an interactive and engaging way for retailers and brands to showcase their products, engage with customers and make sales. With the rise of online shopping, live shopping has quickly become an essential part of e-commerce. 

Live Shopping has proven to be a cost-effective way for brands to reach their customers against investing in expensive marketing campaigns. Retailers and brands can use live shopping to showcase their products to a much wider audience. Find out how Buttonscarves gained 7X their ROI using Smartzer's live shopping tool. 

Live shopping is another way we can start to target 86% of users that act anonymously. In recent live shopping shows, customers of Smartzer have seen that 50-60% of the watching audience were new customers and signed up to create an account, having a direct impact on your customer growth.

Bloomingdales have done this perfectly across their masterclass series where they utilise Smartzer’s features to offer the watching audience an easier navigation to sign up as a “BB member”. 

Live shopping example with user signing up as a BB Member

In conclusion, Smartzer’s technology might be the answer when it comes to getting to know the 86% of customers landing on your website anonymously. Interactivity across video can bring numerous benefits to your customers and your e-commerce site. By allowing customers to interact with the content, they are having a more engaging and immersive shopping experience. Interactive videos can provide product demonstrations, marketing material, live shopping experiences, user-generated content as well as personalised brand recommendations. Therefore, incorporating interactive video elements into an e-commerce website can be a powerful tool to drive engagement and sales whilst providing customers with a more enjoyable and informative shopping experience.