How Video Shopping And Interactivity Are Being Used By Luxury Brands

Are you considering elevating your video shopping commerce and looking for an interactive video platform? Whether you are working for a luxury brand, agency, or another brand, this blog will be of your interest to see how the biggest players in the luxury fashion industry are leveraging video shopping commerce to boost sales and engage with their audience. 

Video Shopping: What Does This Format Entail?

Video shopping commerce has increased its popularity lately. According to a 2021 Wyzowl report the use of video content from brands has increased roughly 25% over the past six years. 

Live shopping and shoppable video are both video shopping commerce formats that engage and encourage consumers to purchase the products being shown. 

Live shopping

This video shopping commerce format has seen its increase in China during the Pandemic and sales are expected to reach an impressive 4.9 trillion Yuan this year.
Live shopping found its way through Europe and the US with Forbes reporting it to be one of the biggest trends in 2023 as brands look to recover from the overall decline in e-commerce in 2022.
The main objective of this video shopping commerce format is to engage with the brand’s audience in a way that has never been seen in e-commerce before. Showing the products and functionalities in real-time while answering any questions from the audience. We will see some examples of video shopping commerce later on in the blog. 
This video shopping commerce format may seem overwhelming because of the live factor. However, this is nothing further than the truth; you can easily set up a live shopping experience and even fake one! 

Shoppable video

Shoppable video content is increasingly well known, regardless of what industry you work in. This type of video shopping commerce can help you engage innovatively with your audience. 
Shoppable video
may seem highly complex and challenging to get our heads around it, that’s why interactive video platforms such as Smartzer ease the path to any brand willing to jump on into this new video shopping commerce era. 
Interactive video platforms do this by creating a smoothing onboarding process where the platform leverages their expertise to help the brand create this video shopping commerce format.  
Smartzer, as an interactive video platform, goes one step beyond and is always on top of its clients making sure their video shopping commerce is a success by suggesting best practices to optimize the campaigns and increase engagement rates.

Video Interactivity: What Does This Format Entail?

Brands are slowly but surely realizing the great impact interactive video has on conversion rates and are looking to subscribe to an interactive video platform as it is progressively becoming the go-to strategy for brands

Interactive Video

An interactive video is a great way to educate consumers and make them discover more about your brand’s products and services by encouraging them to open pop-ups with more information, or redirect them to the relevant pages so they can learn more about any offerings your business has. 
Interactive video platforms
can massively help in this format by brainstorming with the brands and leveraging their expertise to develop innovative video commerce ideas to engage differently with the audience. 

Branching Video 

Branching video is one of the newest video commerce formats in the sector right now. This interactive content format allows you to create different journeys based on options and gives the user full power to choose their path to discover new products, looks, services, etc. 
Interactive video platforms such as Smartzer have multiple options with this format, allowing brands to loop certain parts of the video, and perform other actions such as opening the side carousel at a certain time. 

How Luxury Brands Are Using Live Shopping

Now that we have briefly covered what different types of video formats run the sector, let’s see how luxury brands are using this to provide a high-end experience to their customers.  
Live shopping
is a video shopping commerce format that can be produced with high and low budgets and the best thing about video shopping commerce is that low budget is not directly linked to low-cost brands. 
Video shopping commerce has multiple benefits such as brand engagement, brand awareness, growing audience, and amplifying the scope of new clients, among others. 
These benefits are for any and every brand. However, we have seen fashion brands leveraging video shopping commerce and subscribing to interactive video platforms to get extra benefits from it. 

Use case

You can see below a video shopping commerce of Bloomingdale’s x GUCCI hosted by a makeup artist and recorded through a phone and a tripod.

In addition to this example, we can also find brands such as DIOR leveraging this video shopping commerce format without any high-production elements. The results of this video shopping commerce masterclass were a complete success

How Luxury Brands Are Using Shoppable Video

Luxury brands have realized video shopping commerce formats are crucial to increase brand awareness. That’s why most of them have subscribed to interactive video platforms and now offer their audience innovative ways to engage with their content and shop this too. 
This shoppable video content has plenty of benefits for brands and businesses such as increasing conversion rate, improving the customer experience, and boosting the site engagement. 

Use Case

High-end brands such as Swarovski are leveraging video shopping commerce to enhance their customer experience on-site. You can see below how their last Metamorphosis campaign video has been turned into a shoppable experience thanks to Smartzer, the interactive video platform they are subscribed to. 

The luxury jewelry brand has been focused on this video shopping commerce format for some timeachieving amazing results when it comes to engagement and conversion rates. 

How Luxury Brands Are Using Interactive Video

Interactive video platforms can be of great use to luxury brands. These high-end brands’ garments have craftsmanship behind them along with a vast design process both for patterns, colors, textures, etc. 
Interactive video platforms help luxury brands bring these back-end efforts to the public eye by creating informative pop-ups where the customers can explore and learn more about a collection, or a specific product. 

Use Case

One of the luxury brands that used interactive video platforms to share more details about special garments was Valentino on their Haute Couture Runway Show 2022.
Thanks to interactive video platforms such as Smartzer, Users were able to click on the looks and see the designer as well as some other specific details behind them.

How luxury brands are Using Branching Video

Interactive video platforms are constantly evolving and looking for what’s next in video shopping commerce as well as interactivity to keep the brand’s’ audience engaged.
Branching video is a great use case only certain interactive video platforms allow you to create. Thanks to this type of interactivity brands can allow their audience to choose their journey throughout the video.

Use Case

Making a branching video about styling could be an amazing way to engage with your audience through interactive video platforms. 
This interactive content could be mixed with video shopping commerce formats such as shoppable videos. Therefore the audience could choose their style and purchase these products throughout.


In conclusion, video shopping commerce formats such as live shopping and shoppable video can be highly beneficial for luxury brands because even if the purchase journey in these high price-points garments may not be that direct.t is still an amazing way to increase site conversion and boost engagement.
Additionally, interactive video platforms allow you to create exploratory pieces of content such as interactive or branching videos. Do not underestimate the power of exploring these interactive formats. Even if they may not have any purchase elements within them, they can highly impact the customer experience and result in purchases later in a customer’s journey.

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